Monday, July 23, 2007

Korean Boys

It seems if I am going to be approach by a Korean, it is when I'm not with my husband. For example, today I was on my daily walk to the Suwon Station and waiting for traffic to clear in order to cross the street. Two young Korean boys came up to me and one say, "How are you?" I replied, "Fine and how are you?" He giggled and said, "Fine. Where are you from?" I used to say Minnesota but I get blank looks so I said, "The United States and where are you from?" He looked and his friend, giggled and replied, "Suwon and I'm 13 years old." I then noticed he was carrying a small cup of coffee (that's seems to be how it comes). I then asked him "Do you drink coffee?" I did have a puzzled look on my face because it is something I hadn't seen back in the States. He became very embarrassed and said "No" and gave the coffee to his friend. He then said something to his friend in Korean and then began to run around me as the friend tried to give the coffee back to his friend. They ran around me several times with coffee flying everywhere, thankfully not on me. Then as quick as they came, they ran off.

Over the weekend, we went to Insadong for a second time for more exploring. We were in this one artsy building with lots of levels to see. Curt went one way and I went the other. All of the sudden I am surrounded by five young Korean boys again asking how I am and telling me how they were. Their English was quite limited so they were giggling a lot when I asked them questions. They wanted to shake my hand and I kinda felt like a celebrity. Curt was able to snap this picture but the boys scattered when they saw him. I'm in the left with a beige shirt on.

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CreekHiker said...

Becky, That's a great shot! I love all the smiles! Interesting that all their shirts are in English.

What is Insadong? I can't find where you've mentioned it before.

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