Friday, September 7, 2007

It's Not Always as It Seems

We discovered a chicken restaurant a few blocks from
our apartment. I usually go once a week and get some
chicken to go. The owner gives me free treats in my bag
like a Pepsi. This week, she handed me this corn. It
smelled and looked delicious. When you bite into it, the
corn was the toughest corn I have ever eaten and we
really couldn't eat it. The chicken comes with a sweet
and sour coating and is really delicious.

We never would have ever gone into this restaurant if not for the sign.
In English, it said "Mexican" and I was so hungry for anything
Mexican that we entered the restaurant. Luckily, it had pictures of
the food on the wall and we soon discovered that the only thing Mexican
was the name, it was actually a chicken restaurant. We ordered a plate
of fried chicken and one of the sweet and sour chicken. The owner really
questioned (in Korean) our choices but we were very insistent that was
what we wanted. About 20 minutes later, she brought out two huge plates
of chicken. Ohhhhh, now we get it. The menu is family style. We brought
how a lot of leftovers.

I have been wanting to go to Icheon since we arrived here in Korea.
It is a huge ceramic community. I had visited all the websites:

We found the Visitor's Center and got a map of the area. We found on the map the Icheon Pottery Village and off we went. We drove past it the first time. On the way back, we found a pottery shop pretty much next door so we parked the car and walked.

We found one shop. It had extremely expensive pottery, a vase was $1600.00. We walked outside and found this outdoor kiln.

Another shot of the kiln.

We found these two bags of peppers.

We found this street which lead to some private homes.
We followed it and found someone outside who we asked
where the village was. He basically pointed to where
we had been. I was extremely frustrated so we decided
to head home.

The GPS put us on this road. I told Curt, "This can't be right. This road
is too narrow." Curt said, "It's just like one of the back roads I take to
work. We continued on.

Then we ran into a roadblock. Curt had a few fine words for the GPS
and promptly started to back up the car. Why were we backing up?
The road was too narrow to turn around!

Another view of the road the GPS chose.

See why I was getting nervous.

We finally got on the right roads and headed back to Suwon. Here
is a tunnel we are about to enter. One of the tunnels is one mile long.

Inside the tunnel.
I was really disappointed and frustrated. I wanted to do some major
Christmas shopping. We ended up stopping at The Outback for a late
lunch. That really hit the spot.
I also did something I thought I would never do in South Korea. I'll
go into the details on that adventure tomorrow.

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CreekHiker said...

Oh goodie! Another adventure... Can't wait! Love the pics of the kilns.


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