Monday, September 24, 2007

Maedeup Class #2

A walk to the bus stop. Be careful where you walk in the Fall here in South Korea. You see a lot of peppers drying on the sidewalks.
A view from the back of the bus on our way to Seoul. The bus drivers are crazy here. They run red lights, they drive on the shoulders, and are constantly switching lanes on the highways to get ahead. I got carsick for the first time on the bus on the way home from maedeup class. Luckily, I made it home without getting sick but it sure wasn't a good feeling.
My latest maedeup knot. This one was quite easy but the hard part was getting it tight enough. The teacher gave me a dolphin charm and said that dolphins bring good luck. It's neat how her English is improving each week. She can now count to five in English. I'm learning some Korean in the class, I know now yogi means here.


Helena said...

Cool! That looks a lot like the boondoggle/lanyard thing where you make it twist. Maybe it's the same knot?

"yogi" means here, "kogi" means there, and "chogi" means way-over-there. The longer you hold out the "cho" part the farther away it is. If you do this really raspy "cho-o-o-o-o-gi" where you stop and spit in the middle, it means way-the-heck-over-there.

Love the peppers!

CreekHiker said...

I was going to say the same thing about the lanyard but Helena beat me to it. Remember the plastic thingys from church camp???

That pepper pic is nice. Do they dry other things???

Glad you're enjoying your class.

Becky said...

Helena: Thanks for the Korean help, I'm learning slowing. I need to write down all the name of all the knots I'm learning.

Holly: No, we haven't seen anything but peppers drying. My blasted email was down for two days and I just noticed it this morning so Curt was on the phone the entire morning trying to figure out what went wrong.

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