Monday, December 3, 2007

War Museum of Korea

The main entrance to the War Museum of Korea where you will find the history and artifacts of Korean wars.

These walls list the Koreans killed in wartime.

A ceiling in the museum.

The Korean War Armistice Agreement signed between North and South Korea.

Paratrooper's parachute.
The Drop which is comprised of 1300 dog tags.


Helena said...

Are those turtle boats on the floor? Those are so cool. I was always sad that we never got a 5-won coin with a turtle boat on it. (We do, however, have three 1-won coins. Talk about piddling small change.)

Looks like an interesting museum. (My husband would like the armor.) I've been to Independence Hall near Chonan a couple of times. (I avoided the hall of tortures--recreations of some practices during the Japanese occupation. That was disturbing.)

Becky said...

Helena: I don't even know what a turtle boat is. It was a fun day!

Helena said...

There's a statue of Admiral Yi Sun Shin in the middle of an intersection in Seoul--near Kyung Bok Gung, I think. It's right by the big Kyobo bookstore.

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