Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Do You Think These Are?

When my husband bought me a Kitchen Aid mixer a few years ago, these potholders were included as a free gift. I noticed the first two times the cleaning lady was here, the potholders were in the laundry along with other towels she used to clean our apartment. I confine myself to my craft room while she is cleaning to stay out of her way so therefore I haven't actually seen her use them.
I keep the potholders in the same drawer as the dishtowels so after the first time, I made sure that the potholders were on the side with the other potholders. In fact, I buried them so they were under a mitt potholder. But the following week, the potholders were in the laundry again.
I have noticed when I watch television where Koreans are cooking, if they need a potholder, they use the mitt type. So I'm thinking she doesn't realize that they are potholders.
Am I going to tell her? No, I don't really care. I just found it hilarious that she is using them for cleaning. It's actually a great idea and seems to work well. Who am I to disagree? When in South Korea...


CreekHiker said...

So Becky, Hide them in the craft room next time! LOl!

Helena said...

Also most Koreans don't have ovens, and might not use pot holders much anyway.

Becky said...

Holly: You are too funny. I know she can't figure out what I do in my craft room and what all that stuff is for.

Helena: You are absolutely right

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