Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cool Restaurant in Suwon, South Korea

A few weeks ago Curt (hubby) had a work dinner at this restaurant which is called Jang Su Ma Eul. It is a chicken restaurant and he came home raving about the food. It's about 10 miles from our apartment so he had a co-worker program it into our GPS so he could take me to it. As we started out, Curt hit the wrong button and erased the address. It took Curt a little time to figure out how to enter it again and I was crabby thinking we would become lost which is VERY easy to do in Korea. But he got it entered and off we went.

The picture above is the restaurant. Isn't it the coolest building?

This was the first course which was some kind of greens and radish. The radish came in a big piece but the waitress took out a pair of scissors and sliced it up for us. Curt said that when he went with the co-workers, they had to slice the radish themselves. It was nice of her to do that for the foreigners.

You find these peppers with red bean paste with many Korean meals. Sometimes they are very hot and sometimes they are not. You never know but the red bean paste is always hot.

The next course was dalk nu roong ji baek sook which was a whole chicken in a creamy chicken sauce with rice and gingseng. The chicken just falls off the bone and there are bowls of salt to dip the chicken into before eating.

On the right was a creamy chicken and rice soup.

Curt was craving this chicken bulgogi. It was so good. In fact, the whole meal was delicious. As we were leaving, we were stopped by the hostess. We couldn't understand what she was saying but I could tell she wanted to know how we liked the meal. I rubbed my belly and said "Delicious!" I don't think she understood me but she was smiling when we left.

A view from from the car on the way home.


Helena said...

Very cool! There was a boat-shaped restaurant in Chonan, but we never went there. (It wasn't *quite* that boat-y).

I had to drag out my dictionary to figure out what jangsu means. The choices are: a seller, longevity, or a commander/general. (I wonder which it is?) Maeul means "village."

The chicken looks yummy! (Why a boat theme for a chicken restaurant, anyway? Maybe it used to be a seafood place and changed ownership and menus.)

I once ran across a restaurant shaped like a cow in Seoul (when I didn't have my camera with me, alas). I was telling a friend about it later, and he said, "So you go inside and it has four chambers?" Ha.

CreekHiker said...

I too was expecting a fish place. Very interesting shape for building! The food looks yummy! Curt will soon memorize the way there!

Becky said...

Helena: It was great too because it was in an industrial area of Suwon so parking was plentiful.

Holly: Come on over! We got a list of great restaurants here in Korea!

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