Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Maedeup Homework

This is called Gajibangseok Maedeup (Eggplant Knot). I have never seen such a bunch of grumbling Koreans than after completing this knot. It was pretty complicated and the tightening of the knot was a nightmare. I thought the discontent had to do with the actual knot but it was the shape of the maedeup that upset everyone. My Korean girlfriends told me that no one liked the shape of this maedeup. It was too round. Round is bad, oval is better. I learned that some Korean women have plastic surgery to have their jaws shaved so their faces appear more oval. I told them it reminded me of a baby's face and I thought it was cute.

I need to find out the name of this maedeup but it was similar to the Gajibangseok Maedeup, but with ears. Can you tell which one is mine and which one is the teacher's? Mine is the one on the left.

I left maedeup class on Saturday two weeks behind in homework. I was really embarrassed when the teacher wanted to see my completed earrings from the previous week and I hadn't even started them. So you are looking at my maedeup homework. I need to finish it all by Saturday. I'll post a picture when I get it all finished.

We were invited to another Korean First Birthday Party but it is this Saturday during my maedeup class. Curt (hubby) is going to attend and promises to take lots of pictures.


Helena said...

Ear is "kui" (sounds kind of like "gwee")--maybe something like "kui gaji bangseok"? (That's cute... eggplant with ears.)

There are some really pretty maedeup pictures on google!

CreekHiker said...

Well, you're going to be a busy girl! The are so cool!

Becky said...

Helena: Thank's for the information, as always.

Holly: I need to call you! Things are really crazy.

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