Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dinner with My Girlfriends

We went to a Korean style restaurant which was famous for these dishes. Of course, now I can't remember the names but I'll find out at class on Saturday and update my blog. This was pork that had already been cooked so we were basically warming it up. The girls also put pieces of kimchi on the grill. The combination of the pork with the kimchi was unbelievably tasty.

This dish had chicken in it with kimchi plus a whole slew of other ingredients. It was really spicy and the waitress was surprised I liked it. The girls thought it was too spicy but they were drinking water while I was sipping on a Coke in between bites. I think the sugar helped tone down the spiciness. The waitress was very attentive and my girlfriends said that we were getting special treatment since I was a foreigner.

This is how the pork is prepared. It's the first thing you see when you walk into the restaurant.

I was surprised to find that it used wood but the girls said the wood gave the pork flavor which it did indeed. The restaurant was extremely crowded. We arrived around 8:00 pm. and we're able to grab one of the few empty spots.

This was a Korean traditional restaurant and I saw that there were a lot of men. They were extremely loud and I think more than a little drunk. I saw empty Soju bottles everywhere. But I must say they were having a great time just like we were.

After dinner, we went to a coffee house and didn't have coffee. We had freshly made kiwi smoothies. They were fantastic. We talked and laughed. We brought our maedeup and showed each other the problems we were having. Three heads are better than one. All of a sudden it was after 10 pm and I needed to get back to Suwon and the girls needed to get home. I got home around 10:40 pm and I was surprised at how long the line was for the bus to Suwon at that time of night. Koreans do work long hours!!

I'm skipping the rest of the week at yoga. I pulled a muscle in my knee and the more I go to yoga, the worse it is getting. Curt (hubby) made the suggestion to take a few days off of yoga and to give the knee time to heal. Good advice and I'm taking it.


Helena said...

Yum! The pork looks like sam gyup sal, though prepared that way they might call it something different.

When I was taking kumdo (kendo) with my husband I did something weird to my elbow and had to stop going for a while. They were very understanding.

Becky said...

Helena: I'm feeling a lot better. I went to yoga today after taking off Thursday and Friday.

CreekHiker said...

Glad your knee is beter!

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