Saturday, March 8, 2008

Korean Folk Village - Part One

Yesterday was the day for the Korean Folk Village. The village is a recreation of Korean culture in ancient times. I went with Mr. Choi and his wife from my yoga class. It was wonderful to attend with Koreans. I found most signs contained English which was really helpful. The Korean above was using his hands to stretch a sugary mixture into thousands of strings. He then added a sweet nut mixture and the strings were wrapped around a few times.

Basket making.


This is called a Dutch wife and I saw them throughout the village in various buildings. When I asked Mr. Choi what it was for, he said that in the summer when it is too hot to wrap your arms around your wife to sleep, you wrap it around a Dutch wife. It was much cooler during the hot summers.


I hate to see these at night.

Corn drying.

The village had so many individual buildings to look at.

I am so glad I wasn't around to have to use this type of toilet. I don't know if I would ever have gone!



Another kitchen view.

A different kitchen.

Mrs. Choi showing me how to iron clothing. It's one to get out some pent up energy.

Bags full of hay.

Some Korean dramas are based on these ancient times and the actors dress like the picture above. Some of these dramas film at the Korean Folk Village.

Cabinet to store Chinese medicine. I would love to have one of these for some of my craft supplies!

People write their wishes on pieces of cloth and tie them around this tree.

Here are some of those wishes. This is supposed to help your wish come true.

Another kitchen.

Lunch! This is only Part One. I took a log of pictures and also some video I hope to download. More to come.


mississy said...

Wow this is so amazing! How big is this village and is this the only one in Korea?

Helena said...

I know, those cabinets are great, huh? I totally want one.

Very cool! Did you see the "reproduced bed wetter"?

Helena said...

mississy--there's also Hahoe Folk Village, which has people actually living in it. I haven't been there.

Becky said...

Mississy: It is 243 acres, more than 260 houses. I'm not sure if it is the only one, but it's the one you hear about the most.

Helena: I want one too! No, I didn't catch the reproduced bed wetter. But I know we will be going back with visitors later this year.

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