Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Maedeup Museum in Seoul

Last Saturday before maedeup class we decided to check out the Maedeup Museum in Seoul. It is very near Insadong which is the arty, crafty part of Seoul. We found this street that still had the old Korean homes, most of which have been torn down to make way for the high rises.

The museum was up this street.

Even the roofs are a work of art.

Oh, here it is. It's a good thing my friend Hellena called to get exact directions.

Lots of eye candy. I told Curt (hubby), "Take of picture of this. Did you get a picture of this?" This was after Hellena made sure it was okay to take pictures.

The items on this tray were for sale.

We just couldn't get enough of this museum. It was only one small room but there was a lot of maedeup packed into it. We were so surprised at how many of the knots we recognized and also were able to do.
These were the shop clerks. I don't know how they can sit on the floor for so long.

The vase is covered in maedeup.

Hannah, Hellena and me in front of the maedeup museum.

Curt and I in front of the maedeup museum. He even enjoyed it. At least, he said so and seemed to be almost as giddy as we were.
But then it was time to get to class and I'll show you tomorrow what we had to work on in class.


Helena said...

Wonderful! Some beautiful pieces there. And I love those old houses. I ran across this site a while back http://www.kahoidong.com/ and it's just so sad.

mississy said...

Wow! That's beautiful! I bet it took super long to make them big ones.

mississy said...

Wow! Those are beautiful! I bet it took a really long time for those people to make those.

mississy said...
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kim said...

The butterfly one was absolutely beautiful. I am so envious you are able to take those classes. Maybe someone teaches in my area - will have to check on that. I came across your blog today while looking up hanji - I have wanted to take a class. Anyway, I have enjoyed your blog - haven't finished it yet. FYI, I used to have Carol Duvall on while getting dressed in the morning. Maybe I saw you one time! How exciting for you.

Becky said...

Helena: There are so few left. It's seems such a shame.

Mississy: I hope to learn how to make them someday. They are so gorgeous!

Kim: I would love to teach maedeup back in the States. Who knows???

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