Thursday, April 3, 2008

Garbage Picking in South Korea

I was on my way to yoga class when I spotted this table in the garbage. I took a closer look and saw the workmanship. I had to get to class but I was hoping it was still there when I returned. After class, I rushed home and it was still there. I called Curt (hubby) and told him I wanted to take it. He didn't care but only worried where would we put it. Please, that was the least of my concerns. So I went up to the guard to make sure it was really meant for the garbage. He left his post and came down to the garbage area with me. I pointed to the table and he gestured that I could take it. Really!!! It wasn't as heavy as it was large. He saw me struggling to get a good grip on it and he just took it from me. He carried it all the way up and into my apartment. Can you believe it??!! It's 4 feet long by 32" inches deep. It sits close to the ground like normal Asian tables. It is a little beat up but well worth it.

This is a picture of the top. It is just gorgeous.

Close up.

This reminded me so much of my childhood when I would garbage pick with my sisters. That was back in the day when people didn't use plastic bags for their garbage so you could see what they were throwing out. My mom still has knick knacks that we garbage picked over the years. We also lived near a radio station and their garbage was amazing. Lots of 45's (remember them) and record albums. Also promotional posters. I wish I would have saved some of that stuff.
I'm going to keep my eye out now when I pass the garbage here in South Korea. You never know what treasure you might find.


mississy said...

aww that's awesome! that table is really pretty.

CreekHiker said...

Becky, It doesn't look beat up at all. What a gorgeous table.

So good chatting with you.

I've eaten at two Chinese places in Monterey park that you would love!!! My buddy and I got enough for each of us to eat three meals for 8.40!!!!

kim said...

My table isn't as lovely as yours- but I took mine frome the trash also. I use it for a craft table!

Becky said...

Mississy: I couldn't believe someone threw it out.

Holly: Curt wants to hang it on the wall when we move back to the States.

Kim: Isn't it great what you can find?

MayaNight said...

Wow, love the table! My fondest childhood memories were of my dad and I going the the dump every week for a "treasure hunt". What a beautiful find. Congrats.

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