Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Korean Cleaning Lady

My cleaning lady comes every Tuesday with a bright smile on her face and dressed to kill. No old, sloppy sweatshirt and sweats for her. Her makeup and hair are always impeccable. Her English is limited to "Hello, how are you?" These are some of the shoes she has worn to my apartment.

This shoe is very typical to what Korean women are wearing. High heels and designed to get noticed. How they run without falling I don't know. I could barely walk in them.

In comparison, these are my shoes. I'm on my way to yoga today wearing a t-shirt and jeans. My hair is combed, not styled. I do put makeup on but just a touch. I'm definitely an American.


CreekHiker said...

I love the contrasts in this post!

Becky said...

Curt thought it was hilarious too!

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