Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Observations from South Korea

I saw this t-shirt on a rack at my local Home Plus store and it really made me laugh. I thought the t-shirt should be green or maybe the letters, something. But I am thankful for the heads up. My wardrobe is seriously lacking in green.

This photo is also a shelve in Home Plus. Sesame seeds in all kinds of brands and colors. I have no idea what the Koreans do with sesame seeds. One of the many mysteries I must solve during our stay here in South Korea.

I had two sleepovers last week. This is a picture of the girls from my apartment security camera. We always have a great time and I learn so many things about Korean culture. Here's a few of the recent discoveries:

1. Playing basketball makes you taller. All the jumping involved in basketball stretches your muscles and bones. I didn't comment that didn't the reverse happen when you land back on the ground. Koreans want to be taller.
2. Boyfriends are VERY attentive to their girlfriends until 100 days of dating. Making it to 100 days is something to celebrate. They are still pretty much the perfect boyfriend but maybe a little less attentive until they become your husband. Work and friends will become the priority along with their mother and you will be a distant third or is that fourth.
3. Divorce is still pretty uncommon but the number is growing. One big reason is the husband gets custody of the children. The reason is the children have his name and therefore must be raised by his family. When a woman marries in Korea, they retain their maiden name. You can get custody of the children but then the husband is not required to pay you any support so basically you are on your own which would be difficult for most women.
4. Another reason Koreans do not like cats. I'm told Korean cats can put a spell on a family that will bring you constant bad luck. Yikes!
5. It was against the law up until a few years ago for a woman to smoke outside. The law required women to smoke with a roof overhead otherwise it was illegal. I have yet to see a woman smoke. The girls said that is was still kinda taboo and would give a girl a bad reputation.

Kids playing on the roof of a building across the street from our apartment. They were have a blast and their laughs were heard all the way up to our 10th floor.

Another favorite song of mine from the past.


Helena said...

Ha! My brother needs that shirt.

I've always liked that song too.

CreekHiker said...

I think the shirt is a reference to green planet... think green, save the earth, etc. Still, it IS funny.

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