Monday, April 14, 2008

Springtime in Suwon, South Korea

It was a beautiful day on Sunday and I decided to take a walk to Hwaseong Fortress. Cherry blossoms were everywhere, snowing down on you as you walked. Children were trying to catch the petals as they fell to the ground.

My picture taking skills have improved immensely. No, I didn't get a new camera. I decided to listen to what my husband has been telling me for months. The pictures turn out better if you keep you elbows down while taking them. He's right. I didn't have a blurry picture among all that I took. I should listen to him more often.

I wasn't the only one taking advantage of the gorgeous day.

I have never seen cherry blossoms in person and they were truly breathtaking.
"Downtown" by Petula Clark always gets me going when I need it. I found this version on YouTube. I really got a kick out of the dancing dudes. Enjoy!


CreekHiker said...

Gorgeous photos! It must have been a wonderful walk!

You are married to one of the most intelligent men I've ever yeah, you should listen to him! LOL!

Helena said...


I heard Allan Sherman's version of "Downtown" on CBC radio a couple of times and I think I shall forever have it stuck in my head. ("Mommy and dad are never nervous or mad when you teenagers go... downtown!")

Becky said...

Helena: I also heard that Baby Spice did a version. I love the original.

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