Monday, June 30, 2008

Maedeup - No More Group Classes

I had Curt (hubby) take a picture of my last group maedeup class. Our teacher had three levels of class going on at the same time. She is the one in black. I don't know how she does it but she did a fantastic job. The girls in my class will be taking the certification test in a week. I would be taking it too but with writing a book, I don't have any extra time to practice. I'll be taking the test in September when the book in finished and I can really practice. I'm still taking private lessons on Wednesdays.

I did finally finish our last maedeup. This one took a long time to complete. It turned out really well and shows me how far I have come.
Today I had yoga and on the way home I saw one of those elderly cart ladies. They are carting lots of cardboard and other recyclables. It is a steady incline to walk when I walk the final few blocks to home and that's where I encountered her. I generally look and walk by feeling sad that they have to work so hard at their age. Today for some reason I just couldn't pass her by. She was stopped in the street taking up part of a lane and I walked up to her and lifted the cart. It was heavier than I thought. I walked with her for a couple of blocks when she wanted to stop and adjust her load. It was also where my apartment building was located so we parted ways. During the entire time, she kept repeating, "kamsamnida, kamsamnida..." which is thank you in Korean. I knew she didn't understand but I told her that she shouldn't have to work so hard.
There have been so many protests here due to the Korean feelings towards resuming importing U.S. beef. I also had a few personal experiences recently with angry older Korean men. I've been yelled at and even spit at for just walking down the sidewalk. It's disheartening and saddens me so maybe that had something to do with what I did today.
I hope at least the woman I helped today will remember the American that helped her with fond memories like I will remember her. I felt so good when I got home that I vowed to do it again when I happen to encounter them and my arms are not full of groceries.


Helena said...

Ooh, that maedeup is amazing! So elaborate.

CreekHiker said...

Becky, I'm amazed that someone would blame an innocent woman for something so political.

I'm glad you helped that lady. That's the only real way to change the person at a time.

Ron said...

Becky, That maedeup is absolutley gorgeous! Congrats on completing it! And congrats for stopping to help that lady; I do pray that she remembers the American who helped her.

Becky said...

Helena: I loved how it turned out!

Holly: Maybe I'm just an easy target.

Ron: Thank you so much!!

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