Thursday, July 24, 2008

Conclusion of The Tale of Three Taxis in South Korea

In case you were unaware of the saga, you can click here to read all the gory details that led to the action we took. We filed a formal complaint with our local province against the two taxi drivers who overcharged us a month ago. We finally got a Korean resolution. Curt (hubby) received the following email:

인천 서구청 교통 민원과 입니다
선생님께서 접수하신 불편신고에 대해서는
과태료 10만원이 부과되었습니다
이번일로 인해 한국에 대해 좋지않은 인상을
심어주었을까 염려스럽습니다.
그점 사과드리고요~~
남은 여행은 즐겁고 좋은 추억으로
다시찾고픈 한국 여행이길 바랍니다.
돌아가실때는 좋은 추억과 좋은 인상을 가지고
돌아가셨습 좋겠습니다.

Basically, they found fault with the drivers and each were fined 100,000 won ($100 US). They also hoped that this wouldn't tarnish our opinion of South Korea. I had hoped that we would receive some type of compensation but that wasn't the case. When we first filed, we were offered 100,000 won ($100US) by the taxi company to drop the complaint which we refused. We still are out our overpayment to the taxi drivers of 100,000 won and the time it took that night to come to some sort of understanding.

My feelings have not changed and I am still very angry at the feeling of being held hostage by these unscrupulous taxi drivers. I don't know and doubt that they were punished any more than the fine which was half of what our overpayment was to begin with. I still wish to warn all travelers to South Korea to be very leery of the taxis at the Incheon airport. If you can have a Korean meet you at the airport, you will be a lot better off.


Helena said...

They do sound apologetic, but I'm thinking they just don't get it. Grrr. I'd be upset too.

CreekHiker said...

Becky, Sorry this didn't come to a better / happier resolution. So if you can't have a Korean meet you at the airport, what would you suggest???

Becky said...

Helena: We did learn a valuable lesson unfortunity. I just don't want this to happen to anyone else. Korea is a wonderful place and if your first impression is with crooked taxi drivers, it can be all down hill from there.

Holly: I would take a shuttle bus or regular bus. I will NEVER take a Incheon taxi again, NEVER. You can even take the subway now too.

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