Thursday, August 21, 2008

Korean Kids in Da House!

Hellena came over last weekend with her nephew and niece. Unfortunately, I had spent most of the day in bed with the stomach flu. She called from the road to let us know they were coming so it was too hard for me to say no. She had an old boyfriend drive her down with the kids and I must say he was really attentive and great with them. Her nephew is 3 and her niece is 9 months and already walking. Isn't she a cutie?

This was one of the rare times when they weren't running about, curious about everything in the apartment.

Hellena just got her hair cut. She was tired of having to style it all the time, a must in Seoul! Here she is with her niece. She told me that she was the one who styled her niece's hair.

Her nephew was really shy and it took a long time for him to become comfortable with us. Of course, I had
M&M candy which he loved! We sent him home with such a sugar high just like a U.S. kid.

They went a mile a minute!

I couldn't believe how well the 9 month old walked! I was shocked. Our kids were both 14 months old before they walked. We had to really watch her around our water cooler. We have a hot tap and a cold tap. All of the sudden you would look up and she's just about ready to press the hot tap. Yikes!!

Both kids knew how to bow. It must be the first thing a child is taught over here. Hellena's niece also would shake her head side to side if you said, "dorae, dorae, dorae." Here I thought dorae was just the name of a maedeup knot.
We had so much fun even though my stomach was pretty upset the entire time. When it came time for them to leave, her nephew wanted to stay. Hellena said that her sister and brother-in-law was so excited to have a evening to themselves. We will have to have them back again.
Hannah was already at our apartment when Hellena arrived. When she saw how sick I was, she wanted to stick a needle into my thumb and draw out some blood. She didn't have her needle in her purse and wanted to borrow one of mine but they were too tiny for her liking. She said it cured stomach aches. I was almost tempted to let her but then when she said if it didn't work, she would then prick all 10 of my fingers, I wanted no part of it. They had never heard of "Maalox," let alone chewing on a tablet for a stomach ache. I am reminded of how many of us in America think a pill can cure anything. I am learning so much about Asian medicine. Now, if I didn't faint at the sight of my own blood...


Helena said...

Cute, cute kids!

It just dawned on me why Hellena spells her name with two Ls. Because that's the way you spell it in Korean. Two ㄹ's together make an "L" sound. If you only have one it's more like an "R." At least I guess that's the reason!

Lori G. said...

How funny about the 'blood letting'. Our acupuncturist is korean (speaks no english) and she has done that with our kids when they have fevers and other stuff. I tell you, if it's done right, it works!

I love your blog. I think I must have been korean in my past life because Korean food is my favorite and we just seem to connect when we are with Korean people in our community.

I am jealous of your friend cooking and all of the authentic food pictures you show!

Sarah said...

Hi! Your blog is great!

Can I ask a question? Where did you get your glider rocker? I've been looking for one since I'm expecting, but not much luck.


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