Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Friday in Seoul, South Korea

After we mailed my book, we went to Seoul to try to retrieve Curt's (hubby) U.S. driver's license. The main reason (besides the crazy Korean drivers) I didn't get a Korean driver's license is you must surrender your U.S. driver's license. The only way to get it back is to show proof of an airplane trip abroad and they will return it to you. You still retain your Korean license. I was skeptical that retrieving it would be easy and I worried they would lose it or misplace it in the meantime.

We went to the license bureau with a copy of our Christmas flights scheduled for December. We went with Hellena, my Korean girlfriend, who helped with interpretation. We left without his license and me wearing a "I told you so" look. It turns out the flight has to be within a month of your departure to retrieve your license. Curt really just needed the number for something his U.S. company requested so he was able to get a photo copy of it. They didn't even charge us for the copy. Wow!

As we were riding the subway, I had to get a photo of this Korean's man bag. It says "EXCLUSIVE DESIGN HARE, BAG." It was so funny.

Of course, we had to go to lunch and Hellena chose a Chinese restaurant. I loved the bamboo place mats. I'm going to have to find some here.

We ordered some dim sum. Hellena had already taken one so that is why there is only two. She felt so bad and forgot that I always take pictures of the food. This one had a bunch of shrimp in it.

This is sweet and sour pork. I have not be able to find sweet and sour chicken which is one of my favorites. This was very good.

We also ordered some spring rolls. I've never had a spring roll melt in my mouth like these. They were heavenly!

We also order General Tao chicken. It wasn't as spicy as it's U.S. counterpart but it was still very delicious.

This was the final dim sum we were served. It had like soup in it and I would love to see how they made these. Everything was really good. Hellena didn't eat much because she said greasy food like Chinese makes her full. It's funny that she felt that Chinese food was greasy. I honestly couldn't tell but what do I know about food.

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CreekHiker said...

It looks like they used a rice wrapper on the spring roll - that's why it's so melty! YUM!

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