Friday, September 19, 2008

A Night in Seoul

Hannah teaches an English class on Thursday nights and since Curt was out of town, she invited me to her class. She said her students would be shocked to see me there. I met her outside of the Gangnum Station in Seoul. This is one of the the most congested areas in of Seoul especially at night.

I was waiting outside the exit and watching this Korean woman (the one at the right in black) try to give away advertising cards. Almost everyone that walked by ignored her but a few did take her card only to throw it on the ground a few yards away. When she saw a bunch of them on the ground, she went over and picked each one up and then threw them away in a garage can. I was really surprised that people would just throw them on the ground and even more so that she cared enough to pick them up.

I also noticed I got another picture of a devoted Korean boyfriend carrying his girlfriend's purse.

I met up with Hannah and we decided to eat dinner at Omuto which specializes in Korean type omelets. They are loaded with rice and all kinds of things.

I was surprised at how they advertised their salads, especially the one if you wanted fair skin.

We ended up splitting a curry and a cheese omelet. They were both delicious but way too much food.

Hannah has three students and they were shocked to see me. We spent the two hours with me doing most of the talking along with trying to coax them to speak to me. They were pretty timid but did really well. I had a great time and got back to Suwon about 11:00pm.

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CreekHiker said...

How fun!!! The omelettes look great!

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