Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Feel Like A Celebrity in Korea

Foreigners are less common in Suwon than Seoul so you get A LOT more attention like these kids I met just outside of my apartment building. I was coming home from yoga and found myself suddenly surrounded by these 13 (12 US) year old Korean boys. They were excited to see me and to also practice their English.

They were even more surprised when I stopped and conversed with them for a few minutes. The sentences were simple but they clearly were having a blast with English. They t0ld me their Korean and English (Koreans choose an English name) names. The one that stuck in my mind was the cutie on the far right. His English name is Stephen Spielberg and yes, he does know who that is.

They all live in my apartment building and they also knew my husband. They said that EVERYONE knows him. I'm sure it's because he is just shy of 2 meters tall. One of the boys also told me that my husband is very handsome. It isn't uncommon for a Korean to tell you that you are beautiful or handsome. It must be in the curriculum for English 101. It's always nice to hear.

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CreekHiker said...

What are they a different age in Korea than in the US???

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