Monday, November 10, 2008

Class #2 in Korean Chilbo (Enameling)

I am learning new techniques in Chilbo (Korean enameling) every week. Last week I learned how to cover the pendant with a base coat of enamel. A thin layer of some type of liquid is painted thinly onto the brass pendant and then powdered enamel is tapped over the entire pendant. There is definitely a touch to be able to turn the pendant with your fingertips while your fingertips are holding the pendant. I dropped two which had to be wiped clean before I could start again. My teacher is incredibly patient with me.

After the base coat, I dropped small shards of glass onto the pendant. The pendant was placed into the kiln and as it was melting, the teacher put a long metal rod into the peep hole of the kiln. The rod was bent at a 90 degree angle at the end with a pointed tip. When the pendant was melted, we quickly took the rod out, opened the kiln door and drew a circle through the enamel and closed the door. The rod was put into cold water immediately. The whole process took only seconds but it made a beautiful pattern on the pendants.

This is a blurry picture of the top pendant in the first picture before it went into the kiln. I've ordered an English book on enameling to help me better understand exactly what I am doing. This week I will learn how to apply silver leaf. I can't wait!


CreekHiker said...

So cool!

Hey, don't know if you heard but some stupid Health dept guy in Texas banned Dr. Fish from the state! Another case of "Let's avoid what we don't understand."

Helena said...

Those are gorgeous!

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