Friday, November 14, 2008

Hopefully My Last Post on Korean Men (At Least For A While)

It was definitely a week full of Korean men behaving badly. On Sunday, we were in our car on the way to our local Home Plus when my husband noticed traffic was having difficulty navigating the intersection. We found this drunk Korean just standing in the middle of the intersection. One driver decided to stop and an argument ensued between the two.

Another view of the busy intersection. It wasn't the first time we have seen a drunken Korean but it was our first time to see one in the middle of the street. I keep wondering if a life of working yourself to the bone, first during the school years and then working for a Korean company leads a Korean man to a retirement consisting of empty bottles of soju. It's a depressing and disturbing thought.

My last Korean man reflection comes from when I was reiterating my latest story about Korean men to my Korean girlfriends. They shared stories of the Korean "Burberry" (trenchcoat wearing) men they encountered growing up. Apparently "Burberry" men hang out at the local schools and when the school girls are on their way home from school, the men open their coats and flash the girls.

My girlfriends grew up in different parts of Korea and both had the same story. It is common knowledge and they felt it was just part of life. I asked if the school and their parents intervened but they said that the men showed up at different times and only occasionally which made it difficult to catch them. I just shook my head in amazement.

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