Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Chilbo (Korean enameling) Class in 2009

Last week was my first chilbo of the new year. My teacher was so happy to see her and it was good to be back. I brought her an American book on enameling and she was thrilled!

This week I learned how to work with stringers which are very thin rods of glass. I was familiar with stringers from my lampworking days. You just break off the length you want of the stringer, dip it into some gooey liquid which keeps it from moving while it's in the kiln.

I have chilbo again today and also my first maedeup class of the year. It will be a busy day.


CreekHiker said...

Darn, I wish I hadn't forgotten to get married. Then I could take craft classes all day with my friend!!! LOL! You're a lucky girl!

Helena said...

Ooh, I like both of those! Very nice!

Melly Coco said...

I have many friends in Korea.
Mostly in Incheon and Seoul.
But I do have one friend in Suwon who studyied in my school a few years ago. I talk to her once a week.

I've spoken to all my Korean friends after reading your blog.
I asked them if they knew what Chilbo & Maedeup is....None of them knew...Could it be because they're teenagers and don't do crafts like me haha?

I also know the show you went on. The Carol D. scrapbooking show.. When I visit my friend in America, I always watch it. But I love Knitty Gritty too because I knit more often :)

Thank you for your blog and posting pictures. I always look forward to seeing them.


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