Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lunch and Coffee in Seoul

We hadn't seen my Korean girlfriend since we've been back from our visit to the U.S. We got together last Saturday for lunch. This is a kimbap assortment.

We also ordered ddukboki which is spicy rice cakes. It was too spicy for me.

I ordered the scrimp risotto and it was delicious. So what do you do in Korea when you have a full belly? You go to a coffee shop.

This coffee shop had a unique name.

The interior was really cute. We spent a lot of time here and saw quite a few young couples hanging out.

I loved the bathroom sign. The bathroom was located in a stairway next to the coffee shop. The girl's bathroom was on the next level. I thought the girl's bathroom should be the closest but this is Korea. Tomorrow dinner!

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CreekHiker said...

Haven't you ever noticed here??? Men's restrooms are always closer!

BTW, I was chatting with a friend and we were talking about the influx of Korean's into our area and all the new restaurants. I asked if she had tried any. She said..."Once or twice. You know, the problem with Korean food is you don't just get what you order. They bring you tons of other crap!"

LOL!!! The thing I've come to love by "dining" with you here on Constant Crafter, is the very thing she hates! LOL!!!

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