Monday, March 30, 2009

The Goodbyes Have Started

I had my last chilbo (Korean enameling) class on Wednesday. I also asked my teacher (through my Korean girlfriend) to put together a chilbo kit so that I can continue doing chilbo upon my return home. I brought Curt (hubby) with me to pick up the supplies last Saturday. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a lot more than we were prepared to carry on the bus. Curt had never been to the shop and he was so impressed with her talent that I had a hard time getting him out of there. He did buy something though.

She was shocked at how tall Curt was so I took a picture of the two of them and will email it to her.

These are the finished panels for my chest. She had it glued and packed when we came so I'll have to wait until we are back in the U.S. to take a picture of the completed chest.

We decided to take a taxi back to the apartment since we were loaded down with supplies. First my husband tried to hail a taxi and when that didn't work, I tried also to no avail. After a half hour my chilbo teacher came out (she had been with a student) and was shocked to see us still there.
She told my husband to hide against the building and we tried to hail a taxi. Available taxis kept passing us by and my teacher told me "lunchee" meaning they must be on their way to lunch. It was kinda funny that every available taxi was going to lunch. Finally, she told me to go hide with Curt and as soon as I walked away she was able to get a taxi.
We ran to the taxi door and she gave the driver our address and we said our final goodbyes again. Of course, the first time in the shop I was crying all over the place and she kept wiping away my tears with her fingers.
What started the tears in the shop is that she gave me one of her paintings.

This is a closeup. I was so touched by her generosity and I will miss her tremendously. I learned so much from her. Tomorrow is my last day at yoga and I'm sure I'll be a watering pot again.


CreekHiker said...

Oh Gee, I thought I felt small next to Curt! That is one dramatic photo!

I know you are going to miss all your friends there. But this friend is glad you are coming home!

Helena said...

*sniff* Are you getting people's addresses so you can send Christmas cards?

Wonderful painting! What a sweet gift.

autumnal scent said...

do you have any thoughts of opening up your own art studio? maybe chilbo/maedup? =]

Megan Doerr said...

Becky, your chest is going to be beautiful. I am sorry to hear that you are returning early but I'm sure your family will be glad to have you back. I was wondering if your teacher sells her art work on-line. The painting she gave you is beautiful. I wish you a safe and uneventful trip home.

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