Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Little Korean Fashionista!

We were invited the home of one of Curt's co-worker Friday night for dinner. There were a total of four couples along with their children. Each couple had a girl and a boy. It was so cute that all the boys played together and all the girls played together. They had a separate play room for the kids with all the toys in it. I went into it and played with the boys and the girls.

We had a HUGE Korean dinner, there must have been 30 or more dishes on the tables. I felt so sorry for our hostess. She did a lot of work to prepare the meal and then I thought about all the dish washing she had to do. I offered to help before the meal and after but it is not the custom over here. The food was delicious and all the couples spoke English which always is a big plus.

Then one of the little girls came over to me and talked to me in Korean. I didn't understand her so she again looked me in the eye and repeated what she had said. Her dad didn't understand what she was trying to say so she went over to her mom who said that she wanted me to go and play with her again. So I did! She was only about 3 years old.

As we were all preparing to leave, one of the little girls put on this fabulous fluffy white cape complete with an attached hood with ears. I had to get a picture with her! They sure know how to dress to impress here! I loved it!.

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