Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Progress on My Chilbo Chest

I finished painting all the background on the tiles. I'm getting better at blending all the time. The next time I will be adding a bunch of tiny flowers. This has been so much fun.

My teacher had some new pieces for sale and sometimes I just can't resist. She was so happy she gave me one free and put it around my neck.

My teacher is so good and making cat faces. She never usually does one in a pendant so when I saw this one, I bought it immediately. I will be using these pendants with my maedeup.

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Megan Doerr said...

Becky you're chest looks like it's on it's way to being beautiful. I really want one of the chests your teacher creates but it will have to wait for now. My husband lost his job and in his field the chances of finding something is pretty grim. I will let you know if anything changes.

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