Monday, March 23, 2009

Taiwan Part 1

Curt (hubby) had a business trip come up suddenly to Taiwan and I decided to tag along. We flew China Airlines and we were shocked when we were upgraded to business class!

I thought this sign was funny.

We then caught a bus to the high speed train and rode the train to Tainan. I think it was under two hours and the train did stop several times. The ride was so smooth that at times I didn't know we were even moving.

Housing in Taiwan. I don't miss the cookie cutter high rises that you see in Seoul.
Curt took Monday off of work and we did some sightseeing.

It was really warm, in the mid to upper 70's and quite humid but it felt wonderful!
Another funny sign we saw in a temple.

This guy was scary looking.

I think this is where you write and leave your wishes.

A close up.

While we were sightseeing we went by this shop. We didn't venture in.

This sign was also in the same window.

I thought Korea had a lot of scooters. I had never seen so many scooters in my life. The big difference between Taiwan and Korea is that the Taiwanese obey traffic lights.

The crafty side of me caught this in a window.

I bought a bunch of things in this Taiwanese handicraft store. Curt was working during the day so I spent each day exploring Tainan.

I found these temples all over the city. One of Curt's Taiwanese co-workers said that it's a place to go and pray for the fishermen.

Inside one of these temples.

I also walked by a hair salon and decided to get all my hair cut off. I also got rid of the blond. The girl on the left spoke perfect English. They also gave me a half hour head and neck massage. I ended up spending close to three hours there. They even brought me some dessert. They were wonderful. Curt was really surprised when he got home from work that day.

A nearby school was having a relay race. The boys really gave it their all. It was fun to watch. Each day I would take a taxi to a certain area and then explore. I would always get lost and I was amazed at how friendly the Taiwanese people were. Some even spoke English. Everyone I met carefully looked at my map and got me going in the right direction. Part 2 coming.


Helena said...

No ouching! I like that.

What cool pictures!

CreekHiker said...

Only you would go to a foreign country to get a haircut!!!LOL!

You experience sounds a lot like mine in Japan. Everyone was so kind there!

suzee said...

WOW, what a difference between the two countries. Now I want to go to Taiwan.

Thanks for sharing the great pics. Glad things are looking up for you, and hope your travels home are safe.

nan16 said...

Fabulous pictures, I would love to visit Taiwan. The little black things in your dessert look like Passion Fruit seeds.

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