Monday, April 6, 2009

I'll Miss Yoga

Here are three of my yoga teachers.

We do twenty minutes of warm-ups before class starts. Most of the people don't show up until the class has already started. I've always tried to make it to the warm-ups.

This is Grace, one of the yoga instructors. She speaks English very well and also gives a great massage.

This is part of the class. The rest were washing the floor which we do after class and they just wouldn't quit for the picture.
One of my yoga buddies.

Me with Grace.

The lady on the left is the manager of the yoga studio and on the right is one of my instructors. I didn't cry at all until we were all in the changing room and while I was trying to change into my street clothes, the women kept hugging. That was all it took for my eyes to fill with tears. They told me that grandmothers never cry and they all took turns wiping away my tears with their thumbs.
Someone told Grace because she came in suddenly looking very concerned but I told her it was hard to say goodbye. She was also the one to tell me that the women were saying that grandmothers do not cry. She said she had never heard that before so I don't know why they were telling me that. I think they felt bad that I was so emotional. These Korean women are tough! I will miss them all dearly.
My yoga buddy, Choi, was pretty upset about my leaving and he was having a hard time keeping his emotions in check. We went out for coffee while I waited for my lunch appointment. I will miss him so much!


CreekHiker said...

Maybe they were telling you that because YOU are a grandmother and you aren't supposed to cry!

I can't believe you do yoga on that hard floor. (I won't go to a carpetless studio!) and that they expect you to wash the floor!

We do have yoga stateside, you know!

Molly Smith said...


I am thinking about you and hoping you adjust quickly back in the states. I cannot even begin to imagine the emotional struggles you and Curt have had leaving your friends in Korea.

I know you will enjoy bonding again with your grandson and being with your kiddoes. I still have the newborn pic of little Noah. Can't wait to see how big he is!


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