Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Move

Jeff and Jennifer came down to coordinate our move on April 2nd. They work for the agency that helped us move in and with any problems we encountered during our stay in Korea. I just had to play a joke on Jeff and when I saw these stickers, I was able to sneak one on his back. Don't you love his perm? It's quite the thing for guys to do since that recent Korean drama "Boys Over Flowers." The lead character had a perm.

The packing begins.

I found another sticker. We did finally tell him about it.

Jeff and Jennifer handling our move.

It was noisy in the apartment and I walked by the bathroom and found Jeff talking on his cellphone to my bathtub.

We also had our first pipe leak on moving day. This is Jennifer and Jeff fixing the leak in the kitchen sink.

Everything boxed up. We left with a lot more boxes than we came with. I told my husband that they must use smaller boxes in Korea than back in the States. It couldn't be due to all the great shopping I took advantage of.
One of the movers had blue toe socks. I wore them in the 70's and hadn't seen them since. I found out that he wore them for athlete's foot. You learn something new every day in Korea.

Me and Curt. Everything is gone.

We all went out for dinner and had a great time. Hannah was also there to help us in the move.
Me, Curt and Jeff.

Jeff, Hannah and Jennifer.

Hannah and me at the airport right before our flight. We both were crying after this picture as we said goodbye to each other.

Our luggage at O'Hare waiting for the bus to take us to Rockford, Il. We flew into Chicago and took the bus to Rockford to visit the folks for a few days. We then rented a car to drive to the Twin Cities.

It was great to get back to celebrate our grandson's 3rd birthday.

Luke, our son, with Noah. It's so good to be back but I miss many things about Korea. I still have a few blogs in me before I wrap up this adventure and start the next.


Sandra said...

You look really happy in the picture with your grandson! I've really loved reading your blog and you've taught me something about facing life in Korea with a positive attitude. Thanks!

Helena said...

Noah is so cute!

I got some toe socks in the winter because it was so COLD. I think they helped. Probably.

CreekHiker said...

I LOVE the pic of Noah and Luke!!! So cute!

Denise Arcoverde said...

Hi, Becky!

You are lucky to have so much help on moving :-)

And your grand son is SO cute!

Well, I am brazilian, living and Seoul and one of the subscribers of your blog, which I LOVE, since I live here and I am an avid crafter!

It's a shame that you moved and I never contacted you before, I always believed that, at some point I would meet you and exchange hints about crafting in Korea :-)

Anyway, I know you are So busy, settling up back home, but when you have time,I would like to get your help with two questions:

1. Where is the building that sells beads in Nandeamun Market? I read that post where you said it is behind MESA even before moving here, but I never found it! can you give mesome hints about how to get there? I make jewlery and buy all my supplies at Dongdeamun (5th floor) but would like to find more options.

2. I would love to learn Chilbo! are your teachers in Seoul? if yes,can you send me their contact? if not, could you ask if they would suggest me a place to learn it in Seoul?

Again,I know how busy you are, don't bother to answer, just when you have time!

Thanks and good luck back home!

Denise Arcoverde said...

Sorry, Becky!! just now, reading again your post I understood that the beads are not behind the Mesa but actually AT Mesa :-) I will go there tomorrow!

Becky said...

Sandra: I've missed a lot of his growning the last two years but I'll never regret our decision to live in Korea.

Helena: Your Andy and Kate are adorable. They are growing so fast.

Holly: Noah LOVES Luke.

Denise: The beads and sterling findings are in the basement of the MESA building. These beads are expensive since they are geniune gemstones. It is wholesale pricing.

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