Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Parting Gifts

Our Korean friends gave us some wonderful gifts to remember our time in Korea. I wanted to bring back a Korean tea set before we left Korea and never had taken the time to get one. We were so lucky to be given this tea set by one of my husband's co-workers.

This was from another of my husband's co-workers. The ducks are for good luck.

Mr. Choi, my yoga buddy, gave this to us.

We were given this by the entire staff at my husband's plant. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and I can't wait for our ocean shipment to come (is it really another month?) so I can be reunited with these gifts. I have been VERY homesick for Korea and my friends I left. I miss Korea so much and all that I learned every day that I was there. I can honestly say that every time I left my apartment I never knew what to expect. It was exciting and wonderful.


Sarah said...

Your gifts are beautiful. I love the chage box at the bottom. I recently bought one of those for myself because I think it's one of the most beautiful Korean art forms. Have you ever seen those being made? Very very delicate work.

A life of Assorted Nuts said...

I love the Korean tea sets. I bought a set when I was stationed at Osan AB back in 96/97. My kids have broken many pieces of the set, and the last cup was broken the other day when my teen was cleaning. I was bummed.

Korea does get in your blood.

Helena said...

I bought wedding ducks for all my siblings, and gave them to them as they got married. (One sister is still waiting on hers--she just has to meet the right guy!)

Did they tell you about turning your duck around when you're mad at your husband? That part always cracked me up. (I did turn my duck around once, but he didn't notice. Humph.)

We had a little set of ducks on top of our cake when we got married. They made a great topper.

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Wonderful gifts you have, I should admit that I mostly adore the box its a real masterpiece. Hope that all those staffs will help you always to carry Korea in your heart

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Abdullah Syed said...

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xeeshan said...

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