Sunday, August 12, 2007

Costco, Here We Come!

Our big trip on Friday to Costco in Seoul.

Leaving Costco and using our GPS to help navigate us back home. The GPS is in English and it is not always right but when you are in the land of no street signs and buildings with no addresses, it is a definite must have.

This is my personal driver better know as my husband, Curt. To think I had to come all the way to Korea to get my own driver. I am not driving over here and I have no plans to drive. I am not a very aggressive driver although I like to go fast. Here in Korea, people, especially buses and taxis, run red lights. They also love to do u-turns on busy streets along with the backing into parking spaces, which I can't do in the Korean allotted time before you are honked at (about 15 seconds at the most!). I admit it, I'm not that good of a driver so I stick to being driven or I walk.

Part of our stash, which we put in the backseat of our car. Our trunk was full too. The thing I forgot about is when we arrived home and had to haul it all from the parking ramp to our apartment on the 1oth floor. Curt was just going to make a bunch of trips from the car to the apartment when I had a great idea. Instead, why don't we haul everything out of the car and place it by the elevator, then haul it into the elevator, up to our floor and out the elevator and finally into the apartment. We both thought it was a great idea until we hit the 1st floor and another tenant got onto the elevator and pushed the button for a floor above ours. We were pretty embarrassed when our floor opened and we took a few minutes to empty everything out of the elevator. But she was so nice about it and even held the "do not close" button for us. I'm sure we looked a sight, both of us were quite sweaty by then.

It's funny, I thought we would see a lot of Americans at Costco but we only saw one other Western family. We also ate their famous hot dogs for lunch. Curt had never had them before and I had eaten them once before in LA while visiting my friend, Holly. They were just as delicious as back in the States. He couldn't believe how big the hot dogs were and that they were only $2.00 US for the hot dog and a coke.


Helena said...

Whoa, they have Costco in Korea now? That's awesome.

I totally would not drive in Korea either. Well, maybe out in the country I would. There were occasionally times when we'd be on a bus going somewhere, and see a little village or an intriguing valley or something that we would have liked to explore. Hard to do that when you're on a bus.

CreekHiker said...

Hey Becky, They're only a buck fifty here so not bad for there at all! How did Curt get off work on a Friday??? So glad you guys are getting the household in order. This is an adventure of a lifetime!

Mabel Lou videos uploading to my blog as I type.

Tell Curt HI!

Becky said...

Hi Helena:

I think there are 3 or 4 Costco's now in the Seoul area. It was packed with people and that there were Korean really surprised me.


Curt is managing to take a day or two off a month. If he doesn't, he'll loose it. The hotdogs were soooooooo good!

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