Monday, August 13, 2007

A Trip to Dongdaemun

At the Suwon Station, looking across the tracks at people waiting
for their train.

I have no idea what this says but maybe I will after a lot of Korean
language lessons. We are waiting for the train to take us into Seoul.

Dongdaemun Shopping Complex is a huge building of five stories
that is a crafter's heaven on earth. This is the 5th floor which is
the beading and finding floor.

Aisles and aisles of everything beads! My head was swimming.

More aisles and lots of shoppers.

Can you believe it! It goes on forever.

I should have come with a list of things I needed. I did need some
toggle clasps and beading wire. Luckily, I brought the diameter
wire I wanted so a sales clerk could understand exactly what I

Me wandering aimlessly. As you can see, I've given up even trying
to curl my hair. With the humidity, I am fighting a losing battle.

Does it ever stop?!!!

We even found a vendor that sold FIMO.

A large room with Hanbok vendors where you can order your own
custom made Hanbok with lots of choices of beautiful material.

Another view of the Hanbok room. I really wanted to buy some of
the silk they had but I didn't know how to ask and I thought they
probably wouldn't sell just the fabric anyway.

One of the four fabric floors, the fifth being beads. I got so frustrated!
I wanted to buy some cotton material for quilting or sewing and
I couldn't find any. We were there quite a while (at least for my husband
it was) and I never did find any cotton fabric. I found on the Internet after
we got home that there is an information center which has a detailed map
and English speaking people to help you. We will definitely need to go there
on our next trip. I'd like to go back soon but I'm not sure I could talk hubby
into it. He's been such a trooper.

We decided to catch the train back to Suwon at Yongsan
Station instead of Seoul Station. This is in the front of the
station. I don't know if you would call it a fountain or a
waterfall but it is really cool to see the water trickle down
the steps.

The Korean way to carry a bag. We see this all the time. I think it
is so cute.

While we were looking for the ticket counter, we ran into this outdoor
concert. She was really good and I wanted to hang around to listen
some more. But it was horribly hot and humid so we just watched for
a few minutes.

We also found a little craft show. WooHoo! This gal makes miniature
Korean food into key chains and refrigerator magnets among other

We bought a Korean barbecue business card holder and a bowl of bibimbap.

Some of the buttons I bought. There were really inexpensive.

Beading wire and toggle clasps. Also a really a good deal.

Charms. I didn't even spend over $50.00 US. I definitely want
to go back.


CreekHiker said...

OH Becky!!! So fun! Thanks for taking us shopping with you!

Do you think the clasps are sterling? I love the charms. Is there something for Curt to do around there? To bad they don't have an "engineer's store" next door! Take some cotton with you next time. Do you think you would be OK to take the train there by yourself???

Next phrase to learn during Korean lessons: "Do you sell fabric?"

Becky said...

No, nothing was sterling but it was sure great prices. I am also getting brave enough to do the taxis and trains by myself. I want to learn maedeup.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

I'm so jealous! I used to live in Korea and miss it so much!

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