Monday, August 20, 2007

Housewarming Party on Wednesday!!

We knew when we moved into the apartment that we would need to give a housewarming party and invite Curt's co-workers. I figured I would cater a Korean meal and it would be pretty simple. Well, his plant manager mentioned our housewarming a few weeks ago and said that we should all meet at a Korean restaurant for dinner and then go to our apartment for "American" snacks. Oh no, that threw a big wrench into my plans but ok, I'm adaptable (at least, I think I am).

So I planned some appetizers and we went to Costco to see how many of the ingredients I could buy over here. I went with eight recipes and found the ingredients for four, so I'm going with that. We also bought plastic cups, disposible forks (they are made out of corn and are biodegradable), soju and beer. I am NOT a cook and have always struggled with it but I feel pretty good about what I am making. Going out to dinner beforehand makes it a little harder but I told Curt we would need to leave dinner a little earlier than everyone else so I could heat up some things.

I will be serving shrimp scampi (never made it before), chili cheese dip with chips, Buffalo wings (although I can't find blue cheese or Ranch dressing), a recipe using a Ritz cracker with bacon and brown sugar on it and baked in an oven (never tried it before but it sounded good), Rice Krispie treats (bought at Costco) and lemon poppy seed muffins.

Curt found out today that 30-40 people will be invited. Are you kidding???? I've never entertained more than 10 and they were all family. I am NOT Martha Stewart. I'm a crafter. Who knows if they will all show up and now I worry if I'll have enough food. They will have eaten dinner but who knows how much they can eat. It is really bad to run out of food or drink here. I admire people that can entertain and enjoy it, I don't and it stresses me out!

So tomorrow I will be cleaning the apartment (also something I'm not good at) and getting ready for Wednesday night. I will do the cooking on Wednesday because I'm not sure how well the food will keep overnight. So I have a busy couple of days coming up and we will be taking a lot of pictures.

I also found out that I'm a CELEBRITY! At least that is what TV Guide's website says:
I found this site while "googling" my name. I do that every once in a while to see what websites have my name and I found this TV Guide site. Curt and I had a good laugh over it.

I also had an incident at the local Home Plus while shopping with Curt. I ALWAYS have my sunglasses on when I 'm outside. We had walked to the store and were on one of the escalators going up. I was dangling my sunglasses over the side of the escalator when my hands jiggled and I DROPPED MY SUNGLASSES!! Curt wanted to just leave them but I just couldn't. They were resting on the side of the escalator and you couldn't reach them without a stick or broom handle. We found a young Home Plus worker and showed him our problem. He ran off (and I do mean ran) and came back with a short handled mop. He squeezed in the small space next to the escalator and retrieved my sunglasses. I was soooo thankful!


CreekHiker said...

Becky, Er... excuse me. Ms. Meverden, celebrity. That is too funny.

Now if I planned a housewarming, we would start with appetizers at my house and then all go to dinner. That way everyone would be gone when I wanted to go to bed! LOL. You appetizers sound yummy. Can you get sour cream??? That with garlic powder makes a nice substitute for ranch...

Have fun!

Becky said...

I wanted just to have a catered Korean dinner but we need to go with what the Plant Manager wants. I'm cleaning like crazy today and will be cooking all tomorrow. Yuck!! I haven't found sour cream but lots and lots of tofu.

CreekHiker said...

The Plant Mgr. needs to PAY for it then! LOL!

CreekHiker said...

Just checking in to see if you survived....

Becky said...

There were quite a few people that Curt didn't know at the restaurant and one of those guys picked up the bill.

That was soooo nice!

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