Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Trip to Dongdaemun Market

The train pulling into Suwon Station. See the serviceman to the
right of the picture, we see a lot of them around Seoul Station. A
Korean man must serve a two+ year term in the military or give
up his citizenship.

Entrance to the train. Your ticket tells you what car you are in and
you are also assigned seats just like on an airplane. We (Curt) made
the mistake of trying to exit the train last week by the rear of the car
since our seats were closed to that exit. Wrong! We ended up going
against people entering the train and had a really hard time getting
off the train. For a moment, I was afraid the train would leave with
us still on it. Sometimes it stops for only a minute.

This is some kind of train attendant. They wear
white gloves as they work.

Dongdaemun Shopping Center where all the fabric and beads are.

Another building in the same area. This was taken during lunch time
and shows you what Koreans do during lunch. I've never seen so
many white shirts in one area.

Hanbok silk fabric I bought. It was $4.00 US a yard. I couldn't believe
the prices.

A bunch of beads I bought. They were $1.00-$2.00 US a bag.

More wire and findings. This spending has got to stop!

A housewarming gift from the wife of a co-worker of my husband's.

The gift also included this apron and oven mitt
which Curt is modeling for me. He is becoming
more Korean everyday hence the apron and
peace sign. Korean men will wear aprons when
working in the kitchen. Women wear them too!


Polka Dot Creations said...

Becky, I'm enjoying your images of Korea, and I have to say I would probably go completely overboard in a market like that! Beads and fabric and findings, oh my! Oh, and aprons are very retro-chic right now, even here in the US, so go ahead and tie one on! :-)

CreekHiker said...

Becky, I can't believe you got Curt to model for you! You go girl! I so wish I could see that market.

Now that you've done all this shopping, when do we get to see what you've made? Those beads look perfect for bead crochet. I'm hoping to have the bead crochet / lampwork necklace I made up on my site soon... come check it out.

Miss you!

Becky said...

Hi Lisa:

I am trying to go for a week without buying any beads. Let's see if it lasts!


I've been beading but am sending them off the editors, I'll email ya!

Helena said...

I love the fabric! Gorgeous!

We had a scary train moment too. I remember coming back from somewhere, loaded down with luggage, and trying to get off the train when other people were getting on. I finally yelled "We have to get off!" (내려야돼요) and this lady said, "Well then, get off!" I thought it was just because we weren't right there in the doorway as soon as the train stopped, to hurry and get off before the onrush of people boarding, and I kept complaining to my husband, "You know, it would make a lot more sense if they would just have people get on at one end and get off at the other end!" Now I'm wondering if maybe we were just on the wrong end. Oops.

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