Sunday, August 26, 2007

Korean Plans

Ji Young came over and brought me this desktop
garbage can.

A closer look at what the garbage can says.

You can find all kinds of school notebooks at the stores here in Korea.
This one is an example of an sentence in English that doesn't make sense.

Another school notebook example.

My husband has told me many times that Koreans don't usually make plans. When he has to go out for a company dinner, it is a last minute decision. I have learned to NOT start dinner until he calls me from the car and is on his way home. It usually takes him an hour to get home so I have plenty of time to cook.
Ji Young came over and we had (I thought) planned to go out. My new phone didn't work without being activated to she did that for me and then we all sat around and talked. Only an hour after my phone was activated it rang. I had Ji Young answer it because I knew it would be a Korean. She had a very animated conversation with the caller. It turns out that the caller was looking for a guy who owes him money. Can you believe it! She told him not to call this number again or she would sue him. Now I am wondering if I have really bad luck when it has come to Korean phone numbers or a lot of Koreans owe people money.
It started getting dinnertime so I said that we should go out to dinner. She really seemed reluctant so I asked her if she had plans and she said she had. She ended up leaving shortly after that. So she really just came over to hang out and we had a great time but I thought we were going to go out. I just really need to get the hang of this.


CreekHiker said...

Sorry you didn't get out with Ji Young. You need to get the relocation agency to get you a number that has never been used.

Becky said...

I'm wondering what it going on! I haven't had any calls today. Maybe it will stop with just the one.

Helena said...

How frustrating!

I saw some stationery once that said "I love to learn and contact with this world I live in, sliding on the ice pleasantly with my poodle." Cracked me up.

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