Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Trouble in the Apartment

This piece of paper showed up on the wall between the two elevators in our apartment building. We had no idea what it said so we thought it was something important placed there by the management of the building. Curt finally took a picture of it and brought it to work to have his co-workers decipher it.

It turns out that it is a petition. They are complaining about the construction that is going on nearby. It states that the construction is causing too much dust and noise. The petition is to have the construction cease. Can they really get someone to stop a construction project? In the U.S., I can't imagine this getting anywhere. I'll keep everyone posted.

We are also having major electrical problems. The circuit breakers keep going out. The first time, we had to get someone from management to show us where the panel was. Duh, it was right behind the door but we never found it. So the electricity has been going off about four times a day, always when Curt is home. Ha!

Curt notified the agency helping with our relocation and they contacted the building management. They sent a guy up who knew absolutely no English and the only Korean I know is how to say "orange." We were well matched. So I called Curt at work and he had the gall to be in a meeting so he didn't pick up my calls (There were three.) So I emailed him and he responded right away. So I told him to call me immediately!!!! I had also called the relocation agency but I couldn't figure out how many numbers to dial. I did get through finally to their general number and the girl ended up disconnecting me.

Well, after about 10-15 minutes, I finally got a hold of Curt. I told him the repair guy is gesturing and I am gesturing back and I don't know what he wants me to do. So he grabbed a co-worker who interpreted that he wanted me to shut down the computer and turn things off. He was turning off the electricity. OK!

While he was working on the panel in our hallway, I stayed in the living room. I hear a girl yelling on the other side of our front door. He let her in and she walked around the apartment and left. I don't even know who she was or what she wanted.

The repair guy determined that we need a new main circuit breaker and that there is an electricity issue with one of the air conditioners (We have three). So we were told not to use that air conditioner which is our largest and that someone from the air conditioner company would be here tomorrow morning to fix it.

Ok, so the repair guy left and I thought everything was fine. NOT! I could turn the lights on but none of the outlets worked. Another call to Curt, (I know he has a real job) and he thought the guy forgot to flip on the circuits. So a flipped them all on and we have electricity.


CreekHiker said...

Gosh Becky, You've been a busy girl! So glad you found some beads and I hope you have electricity by now.

Your email took days (!!!) to get here. I'll write soon!

Becky said...

You busy girl. I just emailed you again.

So far so good on the electricity front. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but the flashlight close. Good thing we brought a couple.

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