Monday, August 6, 2007

Namdaemun Market - Beads and Findings

Row after row of bead and finding vendors. This is a wholesale market.

Tiffani had the largest selection of sterling findings I have
ever seen. I should have brought a shopping list. I forgot
to buy toggle clasps. Oh well, we will have to go back.

This is Seo Woo and a store that specializes in gemstones. I was
overwhelmed at their selection.

A picture of me going through the beads at Seo Woo.

What I bought at Seo Woo. Some of it, I don't even know what it is
at this point.

The left side of the picture is the rest of the gemstones
I bought at Seo Woo, the right side is the sterling silver
findings I bought at Tiffani. I needed bead caps and
that's what I bought. But now I can think of a bunch
of other things I needed!

A big THANK YOU to Rae at for her help in my bead finding quest here in Seoul. Her blog mentioned beading shopping in Namdaemun Market and I knew where we were going on our next trip to Seoul. We had trouble finding the Mesa Shopping Mall in Namdaemum Market which is where the bead shops were located. We even had a picture from Rae's blog but we still had to ask several times to find it.
It was also pouring rain most of the day and we were drenched.
We did have an interesting thing happen. Since it was raining, we both had umbrellas and had to close them to enter several of the shops in Namdaemun Market. Curt always went first into the store and I followed. I was asked in two different stores to leave my wet umbrella outside of the shop. Most shops have a bucket for umbrellas. I did know about this but I had seen some other Korean customers go in with their umbrellas and I really wasn't thinking. They never said anything to Curt just me causing me to have to leave the store and then return. I think this happened three times before it sank into me. Do you know how it is when you are looking into a shop window and see something you like and you just go into the store. I'm not even thinking at that time, I'm on a mission! That's why it happened so many times. Curt couldn't believe they wouldn't say anything to him. He thinks they are a little intimidated of him because he is quite tall.
I did start to take it personally which I shouldn't have. I know about the wet umbrellas in stores. A lot of stores and restaurants actually have disposable plastic umbrella covers(bags) in the entryway to their stores. Suwon Station even has one where it blows air into the plastic cover so you just stick your wet umbrella into it and rip off the bag with your umbrella in it. Will I ever learn?


yozora said...

hi there,

I was shopping for beads online when I came across your posts on living in Korea. They've brought back lovely memories of my vacation there a few years back. I like the country to the extent of learning Korean after I came home from the vacation! Certainly wish to go back there one day! I make my own jewellery too though most of them are simple earrings. Hope you don't mind me reading some of ur blog posts. By the way, those maedeups are pretty!!

Jes Fauni said...

Hi is there a tormanium beads. thanks!

Jes Fauni said...

is there a tormanium beads?

Becky said...

They have closed down and are no longer there.

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