Thursday, October 4, 2007

Be Careful When You Answer the Door in South Korea!

My doorbell rung, which is really quite unusual and through our security camera I saw that there were two Korean women at my door. So I opened the door and they started speaking in Korea quite animatedly. They were surprised to see me (a Westerner) and it only momentarily gave them pause. I said that I didn't speak Korean but they continued on. The next thing I know is one of the women took two wooden roller things and proceeded to rub them all over my face, talking in Korean the whole time. I was so surprised that I just stood there dumbstruck and let her. She finally stopped and took my hand. She then proceeded to use one of the rollers, but the opposite end, which is pointed and jabbed it into my fingertips and down the center of my hand. Hey, that hurt! The Koreans did not cease to speak during this whole episode continuing with their speech in spite of knowing I did not understand a word they said. The hand demo was finally finished and they said in English "Jesus?" I said "Ne" (yes in Korean) and they gave me the wooden rollers, a pamphlet and left. I'm not going to answer the door anymore! My hand still hurts! I want my mama.


Helena said...

Oh my goodness! Kamikaze acupuncture. Or something. That would put me off door-answering, too!

I had a lady come to the door once trying to sell one of those big floor mats made of little wooden blocks all hinged together (yes, she was walking around carrying this thing on her back and I think she just really wanted to get rid of it). I told her that it was very nice but it was really too big to take back to America with us. She showed me how well it folded up and kept saying that it would fit very well in a suitcase. I couldn't think of how to say, "Well, yes, but the suitcase already has other stuff in it!" She eventually left, but on her way out she saw a package of dried chickpeas sitting on top of a cabinet and asked me to give them to her. I did. I wonder what she did with them.

CreekHiker said...

Oh my! And I thought American salespeople were pushy!

So what was it??? Massage your way to a better relationship with the Almighty???

Becky said...

Helena, that's hilarious. Hmmm, chickpeas.

Holly, Curt found out from his co-workers that it was indeed a neighborhood church.

Alphaneenee said...

Becky, I found my way to your blog through the Polymer Clay People Yahoo group. I am enjoying reading about your adventures. I love to go to foreign places to see how others go through their lives. I don't think I will ever get to Korea, so thanks for sharing!

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