Friday, October 19, 2007

An E-Mail from a Korean Friend

My first friend in Korea was a co-worker of my husband. She was there to help me with any problems I had in Korea and through several problems we had, she became my friend. She recently was laid off by the company and I sent her a message hoping we could still be friends. I didn't want to lose touch with her. This is the email I received back:

Hello Becky.

Thank your for your attention. I read the text messages you sent.

I am really glad you and curts concerned me.
I am sad too I am leaving XXX. but the circumstance became like this,,,
No matter I work for the company,I am still your friend. ^^

I took a rest at my home and I am back suwon yesterday.
I didnt decided yet where to move. For a while I will be here until certain decision is made.

I am thinking of travelling or only studyng somthing I have interests during this vacation.

Do you go to seoul every saturday? It is so awsome you go to the place with great passion to take a maedeup class.
I know traffic jam really irritate you. Don`t stop Keep studing. :)
It`ll be better we meet sometime next week.

catch up soon. Stay in touch.

We met for lunch this week and had a great time. She hasn't really begun to look for a job yet but she began Spanish lessons. I was surprised at how much she knew already. She says that this is a good time to take classes. I find that a lot of Koreans take classes and are continually learning new things.

I did ask her if she thought it would be hard to find a job and she replied, "could be." I then asked her if she was nervous about finding a job and quickly she answered, "n0," but then sheepishly said, "yes, I am." I wish her all the luck in the world!


CreekHiker said...

Becky, I'm so sorry about your friend. I hope she finds something soon.

Becky said...

Thanks Holly! She was my first Korean friend so she's been kinda special to me.

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