Monday, October 1, 2007

Insadong on a Sunday Afternoon

Insadong is located in Seoul and is a popular tourist attraction. Known for Korean arts and crafts, Insadong also boasts the largest concentration of antique stores. Tea houses are also a common site. If you want to experience Korean culture, Insadong is a must see.

I don't want to shop anymore!

Noodle-making is definitely an art form. Restaurants in Korea often have a window devoted to the noodle maker and they do draw a crowd. It's amazing to watch him whip those noodles around.

The streets are closed to traffic during the weekends and it can get quite crowded.

We found this guy just standing in the middle of street. It looked like he was protesting something.
More views of the street. It was in the 70's and really nice out. We were the only ones in short sleeves.
We did find a few cars trying to get through but they did have a rough going.
Insadong is also a place you will see a lot of Westerners. Something we do not see too often in Suwon.

Korean men do have their own purses.
We found a group that was setting up for a reenactment from the Joseon Dynasty.
They looked to be trying to set up a cart of some sort. We ended up waiting for about 10 minutes but we really had to get back to Suwon for dinner so we had to leave before the reenactment started.
This little cutie was sitting in a booth near the reenactment. She is wearing a traditional Hanbok. Her mom gave her some candy which helped to keep her occupied. She was quite a show stopper.

Here she is with her dad (I think?).


CreekHiker said...

Pink shoes on a boy??? Interesting.

Helena said...

I *think* that's a girl. Could be wrong, though. The hat says girl but the jacket does look sort of boyish, aside from the big bow. Maybe it's some sort of androgynous hanbok.

Whoa, wacky blue guy! I can't make out the sign. I googled 정도령 and found this: but I sure don't know what it is. Possibly some kind of spiritual leader. Korea seems to get its share of fringe religious movements.

Becky said...

You guys are probaby right. I'll change him to a her. I just haven't seen little girls with short haircuts, doesn't mean there aren't any.

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