Tuesday, October 2, 2007

While I Was At Maedeup Class...

My husband found this car display at Yongsan Station.

I can't remember if he mentioned the girls when he was talking about the cars. Nice cars!

He did tell me about these three girls who came up to him in the subway and wanted to speak English with him. They are middle school students and the one on the far right did most, if not all the talking. They said "Hi" and "Where are you from?" It isn't every day that young girls stop to talk to my husband and he really enjoyed the conversation.

This week's knot in maedeup class. Next week my teacher will be gone, participating in a local festival. We will have the owner of the shop, the one who didn't like me taking pictures inside the shop, as our instructor. We are all going to the festival after class to see our teacher and the festival. I'll be sure to bring the camera.

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