Thursday, October 11, 2007

Korean Dramas (Soap Operas)

Not since the days of Luke and Laura from General Hospital have I been so enchanted with a soap opera.
A few months before our move to Korea, my husband started watching a Korean drama on a US cable channel (AZN) which features Asian television shows. It was called "My Lovely Sam Soon" and is a love story between a patissier (pastry chef) and her boss, a restaurant manager. Kim Sun Ah plays the female lead and it is said she gained 15-20 pounds to play the part of a "chubby, middle-aged" woman. Only in Korea can a woman be 120 lbs. and 3o years old and is considered chubby and middle-aged.

My Lovely Sam Soon was a huge hit in Korea. By the final (16th) episode, it was watched by over 50% of all Korean households. It also created a whole craze of Sam Soon merchandise such as music CDs, stuffed pigs (like the one in the drama), cellphone charms... Who would have thought from a soap opera?!

If you are ever able to get a copy with the English subtitles, watch it! We have our own copy of the drama and also a few other memorabilia as you can see above. Here are two of my favorite songs: "She Is" and "Inside My Heart ." Here is another song from the drama which features a tribute to the lead actress, Kim Sun Ah, and is called "Sad Song."


Gerbil said...

Hi - I'm visiting S. Korea this summer, where did you buy the pig!?

Any advice for drama filming locations would be great too :) . Is Full House closed on any particular days?


Gerbil said...

sorry I needed to check the email follow-up comments box...

Becky said...

Hi Gerbil:

I bought the pig in Namdaemum Market. They are still a popular item even if the soap opera was years ago. Look for one of the souvenir shops on the main street.

The Full House house is on an island near the Incheon Airport. Best bet is if you have a Korean friend who can reserve a taxi that will take you from the boat directly to the house. It's so worth the WON.

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