Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dinner with My Friends

I went out last night to dinner with my Korean girlfriends. They came down to Suwon from Seoul after they finished work. The restaurant was quite fancy and the food fabulous. They were dismayed that I took a picture after we had finished eating. Korean food is prepared with a lot of consideration given to presentation. They thought it was awful to take a picture of leftovers. I told them it looks like a colorful abstract painting to me. This was the remainder of three courses.

Some of the food I ate: raw baby crab, tender fish fillets with a red pepper sauce, bulgogi, squash soup, tender pork on a piece of kimchi with red peppered veggies on top, broiled clam with shrimp, garlic and cheese, some type of spicy tofu soup and of course, rice.

Some of the food I couldn't (wouldn't) eat: raw baby squid and jellyfish (I didn't even know you could eat jellyfish).

We talked and laughed well into the night. Whenever I'm eating at a Korean restaurant, I always feel sorry for the dishwasher. We were brought 30-40 side dishes. I should have kept track. A great night in South Korea!


Helena said...

Looks like a fancy meal!

There was a lady who invited us over for lunch once, and had a side dish that was whole crabs. They were fairly small, but still, whole crabs. They looked very hard. And they had claws. Her little boy (maybe three or fours years old) pointed them out to us and said, "Those are crabs." I asked, "How do you eat them?" and he looked at me like I was nuts and said, "With your teeth!"

Becky said...

Helena: Oooh, I don't know if I could eat those crabs. I surprised how well I've been doing since I am rather picky. I've really tried to let my pickiness go somewhat!

CreekHiker said...

Oh Becky, this adventure is just wonderful for you. It's so amazing to me how much you've changed in the short time we've been friends... and you are changing and opening up to the world even more now. I'm just so excited for you and very proud!

Now, I was wondering about the squid. As I remember, you don't even eat those when they're cooked! LOL

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