Thursday, November 29, 2007

Maedeup Flower Pin

Maedeup class was taking a previous knot called Garakji Maedeup and instead of tightening the knot, you loosen the knot until it is flat.

The flower is made by creating four layers using different diameter cording. Then the layers are outlined in silver cording and glue gunned together to create the pin. It was pretty easy compared to the last few weeks. This week's class Curt is back to accompany me to Seoul and we WILL NOT be taking the 3000 bus. Standing one trip to Seoul was enough for me. You can relive that experience here.

Also this week, the candidates for President of South Korea began campaigning. On my walk to the grocery store, I noticed two sets of "cheerleaders" across the street from each other swinging pompoms to the music of their candidate. The music was blaring from both sides so loud and distorted that it was hard to understand any of it even if I did understand Korean. Candidates are only allowed to campaign publicly 22 days before the election. I wish we had that law in the States!


CreekHiker said...

I so agree about the campaigning...they talk and talk and NOTHING gets done. Still, America is bigger...but I think 3 months is sufficient!

Your pin is lovely!

Becky said...

Thanks Holly! I'm already tired of the candidates and we don't know who the final two are.

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