Monday, December 24, 2007

Minnesota Not So Nice

This was quite a surprise to walk into after a long plane ride. Apparently, my son who is almost 21 only washed what he absolutely needed during the 5 months we have been gone. His entire wardrobe is in this pile, excluding what he was wearing this day. His closet was a sea of empty plastic hangers. In case you were wondering, no we didn't surprise him with our visit, he was aware of our itinerary for about three months. We had quite the talk with him and are cautiously optimistic this won't happen again. (Yeah, right) It took two and a half days to get it all washed and dried. Oh, it's so good to have a dryer again.

Curt (hubby) with our grandson, Noah. No stuffing there Noah!

Another picture of Noah with Grandpa.
I must say that I have strange interactions with Americans now too. Here are two since we have arrived home:
1. I was entering our bank about the same time as an elderly woman leaning heavily on her cane. I held the door open for her and she gave me a dirty look and said "Harrumf" (That's what it sounded like to me) and proceeded through the door. That remark didn't deter me and I held the inner door open for her. She walked through and gave me another dirty look and said, "Young people!" The guy behind her just started laughing and I shrugged my shoulders and entered the bank behind her.
2. I was at the grocery store yesterday just picking up a few things. The lines were huge with 10+ people in each line. I noticed that the lady two in front of me received a phone call during her transaction, proceeded to continue to talk as she paid and then stood there continuing the conversation not bothering to pack her groceries which filled the entire conveyor belt. The lady directly ahead of me was checked out quickly and proceeded to bag her groceries. There was no room to check me out so the checkout girl just shrugged and said I had to wait. Curt was waiting outside in the car and the cellphone chick was still standing there talking so I told the gal I would grab a bag in front of the cellphone chick and we could get me checked out. So that is what I did. The cellphone chick was still standing there talking when I left. I just find that so incredibly rude.
I'm beginning to wonder if it is me or are we getting more rude and inconsiderate. Maybe the older I get, the shorter my fuse is. I'm not going to ask my husband that one! The last two weeks here have been so frantic. I needed to finish Christmas shopping which I did today. We need to pick up gifts for our Korean friends. Asians are VERY big on gifts so we need to bring back gifts for quite a few people. I've had lots of lunches and dinners with friends and family. I am definitely getting my American food fix. I have a new video camera so I will be video taping more experiences to put on the blog. Sometimes words just do. Have a wonderful Christmas and I'll be back in a week or so.


Kim's Life said...

Love your blog!!! I am an AmerAsian (American/Korean) who has been raised in Iowa now transplanted in OKC. And believe it or not, my Korean name is Kim Nam Soon! Anyway, love your clay, love your blog! Keep it up!!! Have a Great Merry Christmas!!!

CreekHiker said...

Becky, Sorry I missed you when you called! I so hope I get to talk to you while you are in the states.

Now, I can't believe you did the laundry. I would've left it there!

Noah is so cute and Gramps looks so sweet playing with him. Mabel is jealous!

Helena said...

Whoa. Yeah, that's rude.

Your grandson is a cutie!

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