Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas 2007

Noah, our grandson, opening a present. It seems just like yesterday that we were watching his mother
do the same thing.

Curt was so surprised to get this t-shirt from me. He absolutely loved it! I must thank Helena for the heads up
on this. If you want to know the meaning behind it, see my post on "Fan Death"

Laura (our daughter) and Brent were married in 2005. Instead of having the traditional wedding
book for guests to sign, we had them sign quilt squares. I made this quilt using the signed squares
along with pictures of the wedding. The pictures were created using "Printed Treasures." I had the
quilt professionally quilted and it turned out beautifully. I finished the binding of the quilt while
here in Korea.

Another picture of the quilt. That is Laura holding the quilt and our son, Luke, looking on. It was amazing
that we had the entire immediate family at the wedding: both sets of parents and four sets of grandparents. I am sad to say that since the wedding we lost Curt's mom and Brent lost one of his grandmothers.

Christmas came and went way too fast. As we were packing our bags to go, it became real apparent that I had done a little TOO much shopping at the craft stores. Somehow it all fit and we were only a few pounds overweight but they let us go without a surcharge. Curt was really stressed about it and I think he still wonders what the heck did I buy. Northwest Airlines had a surprise for us as we were preboarding our flight for Tokyo. I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Helena said...

Ha! Love the shirt. The quilt is lovely!

Becky said...

Helena: Curt LOVED the shirt. Thank you so much for the heads up on it. He wears it ALL the time (in the apartment).

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