Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's Hot in South Korea?

Super Junior! Just ask any adolescent Korean girl. Super Junior is comprised of 12 Koreans and one Chinese who are all in their mid 20's. I think they would be so popular in the U.S. My Korean girlfriends think I'm crazy but I told them that it's time for another 'N Sync although I'm hearing The Jonas Brothers are getting pretty big. My girlfriends said "But they don't speak English. " I told them the first time I saw ABBA on American Bandstand when they had their first U.S. hit "Waterloo" only one member at the time spoke English. You never know.

This song is called "U." It's pretty darn catchy.


mississy said...

How long have you been in S. Korea?

Helena said...

That's a big group!

There was a group called H.O.T. that was really popular when we were there. They had some sort of fashion thing with these big fuzzy hats and mittens in muppet-bright colors.

Becky said...

Hi Mississy: We've been here since July 2007

Helena: I just love how the teenage boys are wearing the long hair. It's so cool.

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