Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sometimes You Do Need A Man

Curt (hubby) has been in Naju, South Korea since Monday and will return tonight (Wednesday). He has travelled pretty extensively for his job through most of our marriage. It really has made me pretty independent and able to fix most problems that would arise while he was gone. I always like to think I can do it myself but last night was a reminder that I DO NEED HIM!

It started with our television. I pushed the wrong button on the remote and this calculator showed up. I couldn't get rid of it and it wouldn't allow me to switch channels. I monkeyed with it off and on for about two hours when I finally pushed the correct random sequence of buttons which removed it. Of course, I don't know what that sequence was and I also don't know which button I pushed to begin with. It was pretty frustrating.

Wednesday is water delivery guy and we weren't quite through the water from the week before so I used a glass to finish emptying the bottle and removed it from the base. No problem. I then dragged over a full bottle and lifted it to the table which is right next to the water cooler. I've done this before so I knew I could manage. I lifted the bottle from the table, flipped it over so the neck of the bottle was facing down and oops! The bottle fell out of my hands and onto the floor. Water went everywhere.

I panicked and quickly picked up the wet bottle and flipped it into the hole in the top of the cooler. Water was spraying everywhere from cracks all over the bottle that I hadn't seen. So I freaked again and lifted it off the cooler which was no small feat. The cooler puts a hole into the bottle so I had to lift it off of that which made water spew from even more places. The bottle was still about 3/4 full and my adrenalin was kicking in.

The picture above shows one of the cracks.

I heaved the bottle off of the cooler and into our sink with the intention of letting all the water drain. But then I didn't hear any water dripping and saw that now the bottle was stuck to that center thing in our sink and it had virtually sealed the bottle.

So I had to lift the bottle off of this strainer thing (they are in all Korean kitchens) that was in our sink and wouldn't you know, it stuck to the bottle. So I had to tug and tug hard to remove not only the bottle but the stinking strainer. The strainer was so hard to remove from the bottle almost like it had suctioned itself to the bottle. But I pulled and was able to pry it off the bottle. Then I turned the bottle back upside down to drain.

I was covered with water and the floor was flooded. I got out a bunch of towels and mopped up the mess. Curt decided this was a good time to check on me and he got an earful. Poor guy. I felt better after I got out of my wet clothes.

I left this cracked bottle outside our apartment for the water delivery guy to pick up. We leave an empty bottle out every Wednesday and he replaces it with a full one. I tape 5000 won to the bottle (about $5.00 U.S.). This time he left two bottles. I wonder if he noticed the cracks, apparently so.

I miss my husband!


Lori G. said...

Whew. I hate days like that.

I do like the photo of the calculator though. Do you think they put the numbers on the buttons twice for those of us that don't know Korean?

I can't figure it out.

Helena said...

Oh no! I guess that's one of those things you'll look back and laugh about, much, much later.

Hmmm... why are the numbers on the buttons twice? Weird. (Down at the bottom it says "go out," if that helps any.)

I've been to Naju! Nice place. Very rural.

Becky said...

Lori: I have not idea what it is even for and I hope I don't do it again. LOL!

Helena: I am laughing today. I just couldn't believe how many things went wrong.

CreekHiker said...

Gotta hate days like that. Hope hubby is back home and taking care of you!

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