Friday, February 15, 2008

Homework Done!

It took all week but I did get my maedeup homework done. I think the light green maedeup will be a
necklace eventually. The bottom is a new knot combination and this is as far as the teacher took us last Saturday. By the way, I am the only student that needs paperclips while contructing maedeup. The knots come loose as you make additional knots so I thought this was a great idea to keep that from happening.

The earrings are using the Gajibangseok Maedeup and they were actually due last week. The cellphone charm is using the maedeup we learned last week. I still need to find out the name of it.

I forgot to mention the surprise I received last week at class. Our regular teacher was gone so we
we taught by the maedeup shop owner. We were working on a knot when she gave me and my two Korean
girlfriends these lovely and huge maedeup wall hangings. This maedeup is about two feet long. She said
it was a gift to me, the American, for the Lunar New Year and she gave my girlfriends each one in thanks
for helping to teach me. We were all thrilled but the rest of the class wasn't. The three other girls in our little group kept asking, "Where are ours?" They also picked them up a lot to look at them. I felt so bad about it but my girlfriends insisted it was what Koreans do. I am an honored guest and as long as I am in Korea will be treated as such.

This is not the first time that something like this has happened. I am also getting special treatment at my yoga class. My knees have been really bothering me all week and so the owner took me into another room after class and gave me a 20 minute massage on my knees. It felt great and really helped. She also put these pulsating tennis balls under each knee during class the last two days and that has also helped. I cannot believe the shape these older Korean men and women are in. They are doing moves I haven't done since grade school. The class has been lasting about two hours and I come home pretty exhausted but I've never felt so good. I can't believe I made it through five days. Maedeup tomorrow from 12-5, my Korean girlfriends are taking us out for my birthday which was on the 10th and then Sunday will be a veg day.


Helena said...

Those look great! I imagine I would need paperclips too. I especialy like the phone charm.

I love the wall hanging! We've got a couple big ones with cranes on them (in red and blue), but they aren't hanging up right now because Kate likes to play with the tassels.

mississy said...

Happy Belated Birthday

CreekHiker said...

The clips are a great idea. Love that hanging... you need to make one of those!

Glad you are getting caught up on your homework!

Back when I was able to do yoga, I would have the BEST sleep ever after class! Oh! those were the days!

Becky said...

Helena: Curt is worried about that when we move back home. We have a cat.

Mississy: Kamsamnida!

Holly: I can't believe I've made it a week. Yoga is exhausting!

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